June 20, 2018
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Tag Archives: Maggi

Are They Banning Maggi Again?

Just when India’s favourite instant noodle brand Maggi was about to claim back its dominance over the market, the iconic brand is under pressure, again. Maggi noodle, which had earlier faced a lot of scrutiny and a subsequent market share loss over an alleged presence of lead, is now under a regulator’s scanner over alleged violation […]

5 Places In Jaipur That Serve Super Experimental Maggi Dishes

I like plain masala Maggi, my best friend adds paneer into hers, my sister seasons maggie with herbs while mom cooks it with loads of veggies, I guess everyone has their unique recipe of Maggi & everyone loves to experiment with Maggi because it is most fuss-free food ever and can enlighten our day like magic. […]