January 17, 2018
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Tag Archives: menstrual hygiene

Mentrual hygiene: How Padman is slated to affect mindsets of the viewers!

There has been quite a buzz about Padmavat in the past few months. But, when movies are a point of discussion, they should be about the real-life implications they are themed around and the societal concerns they involve, if any. This brings me to a movie, which we should be talking about – Padman. Not […]

Green The Red With These Eco-Friendly Menstrual Hygiene Products

A woman menstruates almost 38 years or 456 times in her lifetime. If we do the math, an average woman uses 10,000 sanitary napkins in her lifetime. That doesn’t sound like a huge number, right? But this is the stats for one woman! In India, an estimated potential of 9000 tons of sanitary waste (432 million pads) […]