June 19, 2018
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Tag Archives: menstruation

Mentrual hygiene: How Padman is slated to affect mindsets of the viewers!

There has been quite a buzz about Padmavat in the past few months. But, when movies are a point of discussion, they should be about the real-life implications they are themed around and the societal concerns they involve, if any. This brings me to a movie, which we should be talking about – Padman. Not […]

6 Things To Do In Jaipur To Enjoy Your Periods

Periods. Well, who on the earth enjoys them? An eternal fountain of blood flooding our bottoms and those crazy cramps make us feel like someone is punching our bellies. And as if this wasn’t enough, those ill-timed cravings make us go mad. Here is my ultimate guide to help you make your periods suck less: […]