June 20, 2018
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Tag Archives: New Year

Looking for some realistic resolutions to keep this year? We have got you covered.

As we relieve over the completion of an year and celebrate the beginning of another one, the thought of taking new year resolutions hovers over us. However, even if decide to follow some, they don’t seem to last throughout the year. From promising ourselves for working on weight loss, to being less of a spendthrift, […]

Jaipurites Who Made It Big In 2016!

2016 was quite a year with lots of thrills! Some of us leaped to a bumpy ride while some took off with the speed of a jet. And while we stand on the threshold of a New Year, the Jaipurites who made it big in 2016 got to be given an applause! Take a look! […]

#2016AtGlance – Golden Moments Of Jaipur

2016 has been a rather eventful and glorious year for Gulabi Nagar. We bring to you a quick glance of the happenings that grabbed eyeballs all over the world in 2016. Launch of Jaipur Wax Museum   Inspired by Madame Tussauds, our very own wax museum was inaugurated on December 17, at Nahargarh Fort by […]

A La Carte at Lé Spring! Ready for 2017

Ever since Demonetization hit us, money is even more Money(ier), you know valuable! And no doubts about it that Lé Spring feels kind of same. How we know that? Well, this super classy restaurant in Vaishali Nagar, has decided to give out an A La Carte for you patrons on the New Year’s Eve! Why […]

New Year and Cash Crunch – How To Deal With Demonetization On New Years’

New Year and Cash Crunch, not a good combination, right ? Don’t bring down your party spirits because you’re low on cash, we have some fun ideas to do at home for an unforgettable New Years’ party! Food FOOD! Ditch old school pastas and cakes this time and try hands on some coin-size appetizers. Bake […]

Exciting Destinations To Celebrate New Year Across India

New Year 2017 is around the corner and I am sure you all have started to make plans for the day. Many of us have been planning for an exotic destination in India to celebrate New Year 2017 with our squad; many of us will opt for adventurous snow-laden mountains while many people will celebrate […]

7 Reasons Why You should go to the AU Jaipur Marathon !!!

If lately you’ve been waiting for the sweat of thrill trickling down your shoulders, well guess what, here’s your chance! As AU Jaipur Marathon visits the Pink City with its 8th Edition on February 5, 2017; Connect Jaipur has jotted down some pointers as why running in a marathon could be so much more than […]

New Ways into the New Year’s! What’s your plan?

It’s nearly mid of the month and another beautiful year is right on the corridor waiting for you to open the gate! All-nighter parties are the old songs sung every time; how about welcoming 2017 with a tinge of more personal warmth? Gods came to our dreams and planted the idea of ‘CONNECTing JAIPUR’ with […]

Talk Of The Town – New Year’s Eve Parties By Club Naila

The town is buzzing with New Year’s Eve galas in every nook and corner! But here are two parties that are going to be the Talk Of The Town and trust us when we say “Don’t Miss Out”! NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY AT HAWA BUNGALOW An 18th century castle with all its enchanting mysticism and […]

Buzz in the City – Four Lounges in Jaipur that guarantee the Best Last Party of the Year!

Celebrating the New Year brings a fresh start full of opportunity, new leaves and blank slates. New year’s eve is right around the edge and we have started to choose from the multitudinous cafés and lounges that are discernibly going to host the most happening New Year’s Party in town. Toothsome food, rocking music by renowned DJ’s and […]