August 14, 2018
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Tag Archives: Uclean

Ditch him, Ladies! Soha Ali Khan tells us 5 Reasons why Urban women don’t need husbands anymore

Does he know that you like your eggs fried and not boiled? Or does he remember your monthly anniversary? And remember that time you were waiting for him for hours because he forgot that you guys had plans? Urban women these days love their maids more than they love their husbands. And it is pretty […]

UClean | Laundry Startup | Say ‘Good Bye’ To Dirty Laundry Days

Let’s face it. No one really likes having to do laundry. Surveys conducted time and again, over various different segments of people, have revealed that washing clothes is one of the least liked chores for an average person. However, instead of dealing with this unenviable task smartly, we usually tend to keep piling up our laundry […]