Lights all in place, patakhas ready, festivities on. Diwali is upon us. But the greatest celebration of the year for us is one of the worst nightmares for our pooches. As pet parents we need to take certain precautions for our lovely canines before we start lighting them fireworks-

Cracker Free Diwali

Every year hundreds of pet dogs run away from their homes trying to get away from loud noises and poisonous fumes. Firecrackers may cause immense agitation, disorientation, anxiety, seizures and even myocardial infractions (heart attacks) in dogs. Dogs have a heightened sense of hearing and smell and the raucous caused by fire crackers makes Diwali intolerable for our little furry friends. Keep your pet indoors, often dogs end up eating crackers both burnt and unburnt. This can cause serious injury or poisoning.

Sound Proofing Homes

It is best to keep your pets indoors after 5’o clock. Close all the doors and windows in order to sound proof your house. You can also purchase specialized ear muffs for your dog. Be sure to turn on the fan to ensure some proper ventilation for your pooch.

Music Therapy

Acoustic guitar tracks, piano numbers and simple harmonica music is known to calm down animals. Play some soothing instrumental music in the background to cut down on the booming cacophony and stimulate some sleep. Here are some tracks that we suggest-

Play More

BE sure to entertain your dog during the day, the more you play with them, the earlier they’ll succumb to sleep. Get creative, get some toys for them to play. It would be better for your dog to just sleep through all the clamor. Make sure your dog has an identification tag around its neck with contact information, in case they manage to slip past you.

Keep a doctor’s or NGO’s number handy, in case you find some injured stray dog. Care for all.

Jaipurites can locate some NGO’s here.