July 22, 2018
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5 Off-beat Locations For Nature Photography In & Around Jaipur

  • by Dipali Khandelwal
  • April 30, 2017

Jaipur is a mesmerizing city, from its landscapes to monuments to city-life, the city is a dream destination of almost every photography enthusiast in India. While Hawa Mahal, Smriti Van, Abhaneri Stepwell etc. are much-exhausted places given their popularity, the city also boasts asome unexplored areas that could easily make it to the best locations for photography in the world. Here is a list of five lesser known places in and around Jaipur where you can put your camera to a good use.

Harsh Parvat, Sikar

Harsh is a range of hills near Sikar that holds religious importance.It is an ancient site famous for the ruins of old Shiva temple (10th century) located on the high hills of Aravali. Here you can capture a scenic panorama of the hills with the clear sky and beautiful waters trickling down.

Chandlai Lake

About a few kilometers away from Jaipur, Shivdaspura village is marked by a small lake which hosts more than 10,000 migratory birds every year. This is a perfect spot to capture flamingos and other birds alongside alluring lake and skies. You can also shoot interesting portraits of village life in this village.

Chulgiri Hills

Making your way through Ghat ki Ghuni tunnel, which by the way happens to be a twin-tube tunnel with some spooky past stories, you can reach Chulgiri Hills. This Aravali range harbors a beautiful Jain temple. Walk around with your camera to capture the amazing architecture of this temple and natural beauty of the hills. And if you’re lucky enough, you could even capture panthers and monkeys here, just be cautious!


Courtesy: Ravi Gupta

Kishangarh is a small and quiet village near Jaipur city. This is a picture of a dumping yard, it gives beautiful illusions of snow but this is marble slurry in real. You gotta click vibrant pictures against the white background of this Rajasthani Kashmir, don’t you?

Sambhar Lake

Courtesy: Ravi Gupta

This lake is a key wintering area for thousands of flamingos and other North Asian migratory birds. Take a walk through this wetland where you can capture mounds of salt, birds, lake, and other natural elements. This place is perfect to take some creative shots, just like this steel wool one! Sunrise and sunset views and apart from that you can even go over the top with galaxy shots and light photography as well. Sunrise and sunset views of Sambhar Lake are amazing and apart from that, you can even go over the top with galaxy shots and light photography as well. Feeling uneasy? This is just your hormones getting a photographic rush. Haha! Go on, the city has got a lot to offer. Pack your bags, pull in your camera and head over to these locations for a trail of good pictures and memories.

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