June 19, 2018
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8 Reasons Why Jodhpur Should be Your Next Getaway

  • by Himanshi Goyal
  • June 28, 2017

The bustling city of Jodhpur, {or the ‘Blue City’ or ‘Sun City’}, has such a rich history and beauty that makes it a favorite for many travelers. You may have missed Christian Bale shooting here for Dark Knight Rises, but there are plenty of other reasons for why you to visit this beloved city.

Mehrangarh Fort

You can’t go to Jodhpur and not visit the mighty Mehrangarh Fort, which is one of the largest forts in India. Get hold of an audio guide that tells you colorful stories from the past, as you walk around taking in the grandness of the architecture and the sea of blue houses below you.

Mirchi vadas! Of course !


There’s just something about gorging on authentic street food that nothing else can quite match. Try the famous Jodhpuri Mirchi Vadas, Pyaaz ki Kachoris, and Mawe ki Kachoris.


Trinkets and textiles

For your souvenir shopping, Sardar Market and Nai Sarak should provide plenty of options, from colorful bandhani sarees to embroidered mojris & juttis, to pretty silver jewelry. And here’s a tip: Don’t shy away from bargaining; you could get some good deals if you don’t give in too easily.

Antique shops & Pichwai paintings

Jodhpur is home to some great antique shops that sell beautiful old furniture, chests, doors and windows, and even hard-to-find first-edition books! You can find shops like these all over Jodhpur, but there’s a whole cluster of such shops at the foot of Umaid Bhawan.


Festivals & folklore

With the rich and royal heritage of Jodhpur comes it share of fables and folklore, most of which, thankfully, have been kept alive through festivals that are celebrated around the year. The Rajasthan International Folk Festival is one such event that provides an open stage to folk artists & musicians from India and across the world. February is reserved for the World Sufi Spirit Festival, where you can listen to artists from India, the Orient, the Middle East, and Africa playing music that’s been influenced by the history of nomads. There’s the Flamenco & Gypsy Festival {in March}, Jodhpur Polo Season {in December}, and many other interesting festivals that Jodhpur has to offer. Just take your pick and plan your trip around it.

Vintage car display

Professional photography by Indian photographer Naina Redhu

Car enthusiasts are in for a treat. Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum hosts a rally of classic cars that were once driven by the Maharajas. You’ll find vintage Rolls-Royce’s, Jaguars, Mercedes’, Hummers, and so many other cars, which are in mint condition.

Safari rides

If you’re into safari rides, there are plenty of options for you in Jodhpur. For a taste of the village life, there are safaris that drive you deep into the rural areas of Jodhpur, where you can step off your ride to join the villagers for a nice cuppa chai and conversation.

Glamping in the desert

Set up in the midst of sand dunes and wilderness, these camping trips are something else altogether. Multiple colorful, safari-style deluxe tents are pitched right in the dunes, which house them teak furniture, jute rugs, and even tiled bathrooms! As the sun sets, the camping area turns into a rustic lounge of sorts, with low candle-lit tables and mattresses laid out beautifully for an evening accompanied by a three-course dinner, a bit of light chatter, and lots of calm.

See You in Jodhpur!

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