August 14, 2018
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Monsoon Affair! Get Chai Combo deals at Westin Pushkar this Rainy Season!

  • by Hitesha Utmani
  • July 22, 2018

Imagine yourself taking a trip with your family. You have plans to go trekking, sightseeing but suddenly the sky rumbles and all your plans go quite literally down the drain. Everybody goes off to sulk in there rooms but there is one thing that will bring you all together. Chai. Be it your children or the oldies, everybody loves chai. While the raindrops fall down from heaven there is nothing more delightful than a steaming hot cup of chai with friends and family. Bhajiya and chai become the perfect family past time and this award winning resort has nothing else on mind but to bring leisure to you and your loved ones.

While it is a tourist delight in itself, Westin Pushkar is offering irresistible offers for you and your loved ones this Chai Season. Come spend some time with your family while sipping on a simmering cup of Chai.

The offer is applicable for 2 people @ INR 550
You can indulge in the following combinations

Bhajiya is a monsoon staple and at westin you can indulge in this North Indian delicacy with some Chai. Get this combo of Mix Vegetable Pakoda+Adraki Chai/Masala Chai/ Illaichi Chai/Kali mirch chai for you and your partner.

Samosa is an all time favorite. What with all the different varients popping up, Samosas are nothing short of a delight. Get Cocktail Samosa – Adraki Chai/Masala Chai/ Illaichi Chai/Kali mirch chai and enjoy the drizzle.

Chai is the glue that binds families together. Anywhere in India Chai time is Family time. Get your Paneer kathi Roll – Adraki Chai/Masala Chai/ Illaichi Chai/Kali mirch chai today!

The offer will remain open through July and August at Mix Bar, Alfresco and Splash. The offer is valid from 3pm to 7pm everyday.

This Monsoon affair is nothing short of sin!

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