July 23, 2018
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Love Off-Roading And Camping? Motosport Park Is Just A Few Miles Away From Jaipur

  • by Shruti Gupta
  • July 17, 2017
  • A little adventure once in a while is necessary. Motosport Park is a beautiful destination in Jaipur for everyone who wants to take some leisure time out of their humdrum life and get high on adventure. Located just a few miles away at Achrol town of Jaipur, Motorsport Park promises you a day full of enthusiasm and laughter.

The Activities

Motosport ParkJaipur has your ticket to Fast Family Fun, and you won’t have to break the bank to enjoy it. They have a private track of 5 km where you can drive your dream off- road vehicle on the grounds of the iconic Aravali hills. Talking about the off- roading vehicles, available are machines like RZR and RAGE buggies, ATV bikes, Thar and Gypsy.

Scared of heights? No worries, Motosport Park has a lot to offer. Apart from the awesome rides and off-roading experience, you can also get high on adrenaline through various activities like Zip line, Trekking, Valley crossing, Rappelling, etc. The experience is unforgettable and is super fun.

Camping Under The Stars

Looking for a perfect getaway from Jaipur for a day or two? This is where you need to be. After a rush of adventure, you can spend the night camping amidst the desert. The luxurious tent set-up in the sand is beautiful and one of its kind. You can come with family or friends and have hell lot of fun around the bonfire, get a BBQ done for you or just gaze the stars with some music.

Romantic Dinner: Always A Good Idea

If you want to win your bae’s heart, you have got to bring him/her to the Motosport Park for a candle light dinner. The setting is mind boggling and your partner won’t stop gushing about it. They have special arrangements done for the couples and make them even more ecstatic according to the demand. Who wouldn’t be happy to be dining in sand dunes with candles all around, under the star studded sky, good music and of course scrumptious food?

 The Base Camp

At the base camp, the staff makes you well acquainted with the techniques and also provide you with the gears necessary for the activities. The interiors are apt and boost your morale to embark on the new adventure. It has a lounge area, a cafeteria, recreation area, etc to engage you in the indoors as well. The dunes are a little away from the base camp and are remotely located in the most picturesque valley. Well, this is definitely a dessert on the desert.

Astonishing Location

You’ll be amazed by how beautiful everything is about this place. Everything is strategically planned and leaves you in awe.  Their track offers a circuit which perfectly blends the presence of a mountain, dune bashing and Jungle. The Aravali hills stand tall and gorgeous and promise you picturesque sunset. It’s the world away from the world.

Your Safety Is Assured

You can be 100% assured about your safety. We have experienced it first hand and couldn’t agree any more with how safe we felt throughout the visit. The safety barriers and techniques used are a class apart. The professionals guide and train you before you opt for any escapade. There is no happiness like experiencing adventure in safest hands and with an assured mind.

Prices So Affordable

To experience it all you don’t need to go broke. All the packages they provide are really affordable and keeps your heart as well as pocket happy. You can get the packages customised according to your liking and budget. Why spend millions and travel all the way to Jaisalmer or Dubai when a small drive from Jaipur can take you to Motosport Park and fulfil all your stimulations.

Meet The Mastermind

Mr. Manish Sharma is the MD of Motosport Park and is a true adventure lover. He always wanted to bring something unique to Jaipur and felt a big need of a Motosport Park in Jaipur designed in such a way that it fits into the budget of all and has something for everyone- right from the adventure junkies to families, couples and even for the kids. He has a team of passionates which strive their best to provide their customers with a vast array of activities and a hospitable environment.

In no time Motosport Park has made a name for itself. It is the epitome of adventure and fun and has set a benchmark for being a jollification.

So if you want to break free and escape to an enthralling affair in the sand, Motosport Park, Jaipur might be the address you have been searching for long. You can always get the bookings done in advance and enjoy the best of thrill.

Want to get a feel of everything we have been talking about? Click here.

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The administration is just a call away. You can call them at  073000 88555 and get any query solved. Also, Motosport park is super active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter







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