August 16, 2018
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Watch: This Bold, Wild Web Series Shot On A Jaipur Girl

  • by Saloni Jain
  • April 14, 2017

Orthodox, primitive, sanskaari, shy, introvert, cautious, homely: these are some of the words every Jaipur girl can relate to. We are supposed to be well-mannered in order to be socially acceptable. Late night parties, night outs, alcohol, boyfriends, relationships, physical intimacy, cigarettes, condoms, pads etc are taboo words for an Indian girl. Don’t you agree? To put such stereotypes to an end, ALT Balaji is coming up with an extremely bold web series Dev DD starring Asheema Vardhan portraying a 20 something Jaipur girl who does not live the way society wants her to live. This web series will begin streaming on 16th April. Are you ready to watch something this sassy? You can see her flaunting a whisper packet, buying a condom, strolling in the streets of Jaipur, boozing on the Nahargarh Fort in it’s trailer.

Check out its trailer:

(Tip: Watch it with your headphones on.)

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